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We have a choice: We either awaken willingly and start to heal our selves voluntarily or the awakening could be too swift to alter to the inevitable. In my opinion it is essential to start developing those inner abilities...NOW...

If we are willing to heal internally those things which keep us from harmonic convergence within our ‘selves,’ then a gateway opens to our being, to Spirit. This way we can Heal those things which keep us from harmony with others, the environment, etc.

As the frequencies of our world change it becomes imperative for us to learn how to increase our attainment. As the earth slows in its rotation all of us feel this change. As the frequency of life increases our ‘adaptation,’ means conscious changes which will be perceived in an intensification of our ‘evolution.’ Recall will be affected as reflective consciousness begins to mature to the next level of use for our Beingness. Everything alive has cells. Our Beingness is attempting to throw off everything which is negative and prevents us from attaining the next step of development. The inner healing will occur if we can stay in the center of our Spirit and in harmony with the actual changes in the Earth’s energy field. This activation of our Beingness through awareness of our ‘Blockages’ and realignment of our ‘senses’ will allow our biological processes to resonate with the physical changes. The intense feelings and emotional trauma of the past must be reconciled in order for our energy fields to open to natural changes. This is often very difficult to do alone. Remember that DNA both takes in light and emits light. Our basic building blocks are not just mechanistic but they are interfaces which allows mediation between our earthly manifestation and our spiritual realizations.

So let us see if we can learn to fluctuate our personal ‘energy’ fields.

What is about to take place on Mother Earth can not be solved by choosing alternatives tried in past endeavors but rather it will come by planting a seed in the present so the future can continue to be regenerating. Mans mind must realize within his ‘psychic’ that the future is not automatically someplace we are going but rather the future is a place that we are in the act of creating...creating...creating.

Centered activity aimed at harmonic convergence with ‘our’ environment leads to ‘a good mind’ and an appreciation of THE GIFT OF LIFE to each of us.

- Oubé

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