The Creator's Energy

- Oubé

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The Creator's Energy

The energy can be present as long as you are not attempting to point a BEING down the wrong path (direction).

When your personal intent comes in and the ‘energy’ changes to ‘one particular’ channel, rather than an all-at-oneness feeling, this indicates a change in perspective. The unified field which is produced by the ‘connecting’ (merging) with “sacred energy” is a feeling of “rareification” and synergy. The fragmented “feeling” which affects the whole field is one of frangementation and the intent has a name: i.e. could be deceptive, sensual, and or evil, etc.

When this occurs the imagery of our “self” comes into being. Here gratification is the ruler of the moment and goal attainment commands the strategy.

If you stay sacred and don’t harm this sacredness in others then your personal “field” can be at harmony. In order to deal whith those who don’t know this realization and harmony due to their own personal intent you must stay centered and in the center of your beingness. When people put their “personal” intent in their sacred “center” their actions are often disruptive and offensive. Nothing says you have to be defenseless, stupid, or passive. Remember, that which is said to often be incorrect or sinful, isn’t.

If the “harmony” isn’t broken and your sacred relationship “impecability” is beyond question then it truly is a garden we live in; so be careful what you plant.

You are the Creators offspring without a doubt.

This “gift” is what you can appreciate and enjoy in your temporal existance on a plane called earth and in a time called now.

We all exist in the “Creators Energy” with or without our personal acknowledgement.

This energy and structure has been passed along internally for longer than any of us can remember but not longer than our existance.

We are the seventh generation and we have been living in a world of intent to rule at any cost. Intent to control the factors which make life materially easier has been the order of the day. This is not intent of the “sacred.” The “sacred” intent can carry LIFE from person to person in order that life might manifest and continue to manifest.

Energy always renews; always regenerates; ALWAYS.

As Beings we have a chance to use this place called Earth as an opening (Sapapu) to Eternity. We are all part of energy which is beneficial and our rightful place is in harmony. The look at “energy” of life which is cold and unforgiving is not displayed in the sacredness around us.

If you can read this then you are the recipient of “creations” love and cure. The question is can your awareness touch this energy. Your spirit has or your body knows how to heal itself when you are brusied or cut. It is time for the spirit to come home to see the eternal beingness in its infancy and its existance within us.

We must realize that our journey grows beyond the boundaries of mother earth but while we are here lets make the most of this gift called life.

- Oubé

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